Tipi Lite™ Stove
Patent No. 7,107,983

The Tipi Lite Stove is designed to be lightweight and portable for backpacking or emergency airlifting missions when weight is a serious consideration, such as to the Asian tsunami victims. It is also perfect for use by groups on maneuvers such as military units or Boy Scouts. There are only two basic parts: the stove body and the grill. The stove body easily bends to conform to the contours of your backpack while you're hiking, and the grill takes up little space. When you're ready to cook, the stove body is easily folded around the grill for quick assembly. When finished, just reverse the procedure, wipe the small amount of soot from the inside of the stove top and store in your backpack.

If you'll be camping in an area where rocks are scarce, carry the legs with you. Insert the legs through holes in the side and up into the grill. The draft is controlled by the height of the stove off the ground. You can adjust the draft by the height of the rocks you select. If you use the legs, adjust the height by pushing the legs further in or out. You can also adjust the legs of the stove on a slope so that the top remains level.

If you're boiling water, you'll want the stove to sit a little higher off the ground to increase the draft. If you are cooking food, reduce the draft by setting up the stove closer to the ground. When you're through, douse the area underneath the stove with water while stirring your few ashes to remove any fire hazard.

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Cooking Russian stew at Ai Petra on the Tipi Lite Stove overlooking the Black Sea from 4000'!

Tipi Lite Stove Tipi Lite Stove
You can cook even on the side of a mountain! Or in the wind, snow and ice of winter at Lake Superior!

Honey Waterfall Honey Waterfall
Tipi Lite™ Stove at Honey Waterfall, deep in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia! Cooking on the shores of Lake Baikal! (Click here for more photos)

Tipi Lite™ Stove Features:

  • Efficient : It directs heat to the cooking utensil rather than the atmosphere. The efficient combustion of the updraft design means you cook with only a handful of twigs.
  • Adjustable : Control the draft by adjusting the stove height off the ground.
  • Portable and Lightweight : The stove weighs 15 oz. (w/o legs) and stands only 8" tall.
  • Unlimited Fuels : The stove works with wood or twigs.
  • Zero Operational Costs : You pick up the fuel you need off the ground and thus no longer need to buy expensive petroleum fuels to cook.
  • Reduce Backpacking Weight : Since you can cook with dead twigs from the forest as you hike and camp, you have no petroleum fuel to carry and your backpacking load is greatly reduced.
  • Easy Storage : The stove quickly unfolds for easy storage in your backpack or emergency disaster kit in your vehicle.
  • Safety : The fire is contained within the stove, thus reducing fire hazard. There is no chance of an explosion or volatile fire as with conventional stoves using petroleum-based fuels.
  • Cooks in the Rain : The stove protects your fire from the elements so that you can cook even in a downpour.
  • Burns Wet Wood : The stove so easily ignites your fuel that it will burn damp wood if you are caught without dry fuel (for example, while camping in a thunderstorm).
  • Easy to Refuel : The stove door is designed to stay open as necessary and makes reloading fuel easy.
  • Emergency Fire Starter : The stove can be used in an emergency survival situation when you have limited means to start a fire in the wind, and need a bonfire to keep warm.
  • Optional Handle : An optional handle is available if you want to move the stove while hot or pick up hot pots.
  • Quality Construction : The major components are cut with high-tech lasers and constructed of stainless steel for long life.
  • American Made : The Tipi Lite Stove is made in the good old USA.

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