Tipi Blaze™ Stove
Patent Nos. 7,107,983 and 8,469,018

The Tipi Blaze Stove is designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled (see video below). The draft strip along the bottom can be adjusted to control the heat output. If you're in a hurry, for example when boiling water, you can focus all the heat like a blow torch on your pot. If you want less heat, say for frying eggs, reduce the draft. Use the optional Tipi Blaze™ Grill to keep the heat surrounding your pot to quickly boil water, or use it to grill your meat on oak or hickory sticks you pick up for a wonderful natural flavor. And use the Tipi Blaze Stove and Grill in conjunction with the Flavor Chef ™ Oven to bake outdoors.

If you are in an area where there is a possible fire hazard, use the optional base as shown in the photo below. The base is easily attached and prevents any hot embers from dropping onto the ground and possibly starting a fire. Also, while the Tipi Blaze Stove is very stable, the base offers further protection against tipping over in case you have pets or children running around. Urban users can use the base to prevent soot marks on concrete if used on a patio.

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Cooking Russian stew at Ai Petra on the Tipi Blaze Stove overlooking the Black Sea from 4000'! (To view more photos, click here.)

Tipi Blaze Stove
The Tipi Blaze Stove is shipped fully assembled
Tipi Blaze Stove
The entire Tipi Blaze System (Tipi Blaze Stove, Grill & Flavor Chef Oven) disassembles into a compact flat package.

We regret that due to the explosion of steel prices from the falling US $, the Tipi Blaze Stove is now

Tipi Blaze™ Stove Features:

  • Efficient : It directs heat to the cooking utensil rather than the atmosphere. The efficient combustion of the updraft design means you cook with only a handful of twigs.
  • Adjustable : By controlling the draft, you control the flame and heat output.
  • Unlimited Fuels : The stove works with wood, twigs, pine cones, storm debris, and even dung - perfect for regions where wood is scarce or during the aftermath of a storm. You can also use a backpacking stove as a heat source.
  • Zero Operational Costs : You pick up the fuel you need off the ground and thus no longer need to buy expensive petroleum fuels to cook.
  • Portable and Lightweight : The stove weighs 3.5 lbs. and stands only 13" tall. There is no need to pack heavy fuel with you.
  • Easy Storage : The stove quickly unfolds for easy storage in an out-of-the-way place, and is designed to provide a lightweight, compact package.
  • Safety : The fire is contained within the stove, keeping your family and the forest safe. There is no chance of an explosion or volatile fire as with conventional stoves using petroleum-based fuels.
  • Versatility : Using the entire Tipi Blaze System, you can also bake - it's like having your kitchen in the woods.
  • Cooks in the Rain : The stove protects your fire from the elements so that you can cook even in a downpour.
  • Burns Wet Wood : The stove so easily ignites your fuel that it will burn damp wood if you are caught without dry fuel (for example, after a hurricane).
  • Easy to Refuel : The stove door is designed to stay open as necessary and makes reloading fuel easy.
  • Optional Handle & Base : An optional handle is available if you want to move the stove while hot or pick up hot pots. The base further confines the fire and provides added safety.
  • Quality Construction : The major components are cut with high-tech lasers and constructed of stainless steel for long life.
  • American Made : The Tipi Blaze Stove is made in the good old USA.
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Boil Water
Boil with the Tipi
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As you watch the above videos, you'll see that the Tipi Blaze Stove quickly and efficiently brings water to a rolling boil, as though it's trying to jump out of the pot. As you witness this intense energy released from a mere handful of twigs, contemplate the Bible verse below:

Isaiah 64:2

Isaiah 64:2
"As fire burns dry twigs, as fire boils water, your name is proclaimed to your enemies, and at your presence the heathen tremble."

Think about how wonderful God is to have created fire and wood, with its intense energy stored from the sun's rays, for our use as a natural way to cook our food. But no man is without sin, and evil man is doing his best to destroy God's Creation in all facets of life. Soon God's patience will be exhausted and He will punish the wicked. Like the water, they will vainly try to jump out of the pot to the avoid their fate. And like the trembling water, they will tremble with fear of God's wrath. The intense heat of the Tipi Stove provides just a foreshadowing of the eternal fate that awaits the unsaved. We all deserve this fate, but if you want to avoid it, heed the words of the apostle Paul in Romans 10:9:

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."