"I really liked the stove. It's small and very easy to carry. I was so surprised how little wood it needs and how quickly you can get things cooked. You don't need to get big branches, just collect small twigs. It doesn't hurt nature and is good for ecology."
Alla - Rostov-on-Don, Russia

"I was impressed how quickly food gets done. Also we collected a lot of wood but only used about one-third of it."
Galya - Rostov-on-Don, Russia

"I took your Tipi Stove out West on a fishing trip and it's great! There's nothing like catching fresh trout out of the Yellowstone and frying them up on the Tipi Stove."
Jim - Lexington, S.C.

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"Steaks grilled over my Tipi Stove are seared into fond memories. From start to finish, it only takes 15 minutes. A hot meal is always at hand . . . as long as I carry my Tipi Stove into the woods."
John - Pittsboro, N.C.

"Yes, Wyonne, as I've told you, it worked like a charm! The best part had to be how easy it was to light. With a single kleenex from my pocket, a few twigs, a handful of sticks about the size of my pinky and a single match, it was a roaring blaze in about three minutes...
"There were sixteen of us on a men's church retreat by a little lake in the woods north of the northern suburbs of Oslo at the end of September...I got the task of making breakfast.
"We had decided on pancakes and bacon, which is truly all-American in Norway...With several liters of pre-mixed batter, I simply lit off the stove with another match, set one of the guys to collecting branches smaller than his wrist and under a foot long and put the frying pan on top of the stove.
"I'm no gourmet, so we simply cranked up the heat and produced as many 'flapjacks' as we could in 20 minutes. Given the medium sized results, it was still no problem feeding 16 hungry men in that time!"
John - Norway

"I was given a Tipi Lite Stove by my father for backpacking and camping about a year ago. Early this summer (2006) I was finally able to use it on a hiking trip in the Pisgah National forest and was thrilled with its performance. Because my girlfriend and I were hiking up a creek with many boulders and some deep pools, I didn't want to use a stove that weighed much or would be fouled by water. The Tipi Lite Stove, even though it was submerged, dried out quickly and didn't need any extra fuel than the sticks we found around the campsite. We made a good linguini alfredo with boiled crayfish that we caught from the creek. The next morning, my girlfriend, with no experience with the stove, cooked eggs and bacon on it before I woke. It is very easy to control the heat for cooking and nothing was burnt. Water was able to be boiled to a roll in about 7-10 minutes, about the same as a backpacking stove. The only issue with it was that the pans were blackened by the smoke, but this was fixed by elevating the pan on the provided heighteners. The charring was easily removed with sand. Everything considered, this stove amazed me. I doubt I will use another stove in the future, even though I have a few propane and white gas ones at my disposal. Not having to hike in with fuel is a boon to any hiker or camper. Thanks for a great product!"
Joe - Raleigh, N.C.

"...The stove that you graciously provided was given to the discipleship trainer for the ministry, Pedro Reyes. He and his wife travel to the seven churches sponsored by the Ministry and stay overnight in each of these communities throughout Nicaragua. He was excited about using the stove to boil water and prepare food as they visited and discipled these new churches..."
Bill - Saluda, S.C.