Tipi Stove Corporation is trying to develop a program wherein we work with missionaries to ship Tipi Blaze™ Stoves, which have been purchased by Americans, to the needy in other countries. If you are interested, you may buy a Tipi Blaze Stove, Flavor Chef™ Oven or whatever you desire to donate to a poor family in another country. We will coordinate with missionaries who are scheduled to visit other countries, and ship the stoves in bulk to their destination. When they arrive they ensure that the stoves are intact and accounted for and then distribute them. If possible, they will take a picture of the stoves being used or send a letter/email of appreciation back to the U.S. which we will forward to the donors. This will provide you with feedback that your donation was put to good use and was much appreciated. You may be able to receive a tax deduction for such a donation (check with your accountant). When you see how your donation, small by American standards, was such a blessing to the needy, it will warm your heart.

Note: Due to the rising cost of fuel and the collapsing dollar, this program has been discontinued indefinitely.