Pump Miser™ Shower
You can still shower when you lose power!

Showering with the Pump Miser Shower
When you're camping outdoors, whether for the weekend or the week, staying clean makes the difference between enjoying yourself or being miserable. Going to bed clean does wonders for your mental attitude. And if your're suddenly in a survival situation, your mental attitude is the key to survival.

So with the Pump Miser™ Shower, if a hurricane leaves you without clean water for a week, you literally won't have to sweat it. Or if an ice storm knocks out your power, you can still enjoy a hot shower in the middle of winter. Just boil some water on your Tipi Blaze™ or Tipi Lite™ Stove, drop the end of your Pump Miser Shower in the pot, pump the water with your foot while waving the cleaning wand around you and in minutes you'll be clean as a whistle. The efficient design ensures that you won't waste any precious warm water and about one gallon of water should provide a nice shower, depending upon your size and water conservation.

You can use the shower in one of two ways. Warm the appropriate amount of water to the desired temperature, then drop in the tube of your shower and start pumping the water. Or if you're camping out near a large quantity of clean but cold water, such as a clear stream, boil a small amount of water (such as a half gallon), then drop one tube into the boiling water and the other into the cold. Adjust the mixture as you pump, (while watching the thermometer to avoid scalding) until you reach a comfortable temperature, then shower away.

Efficient linear nozzle
The linear nozzle design wastes no water.
Pump the water with your foot
The shower sprays only when you pump it with your foot.

Mix with clean stream water
You can also boil a small amount of water and mix with clean stream water. This is better for backpacking when you have smaller pots.

Pump Miser™ Shower Features:

  • Efficient : The unique linear design of the cleaning wand aligns with your limbs so that all the water strikes your body and is not wasted as with normal round showerheads.
  • Powerful Waterjet Action : Since the water flow is produced by pumping with by your foot, you control the force of the water and can spray forceful jets of water that wash you clean of dirt particles.
  • Flow Control : The water only flows when you pump it, not continually, so you can aim the showerhead to wash where you want, then pump the water when you're ready.
  • Portable and Lightweight : The entire shower weighs only 8 ozs. and takes up very little space.
  • Easy Storage : Compact design allows for storage out of the way in your backpack or vehicle.
  • Safety : The unbreakable liquid crystal thermometer warns you in case you mix too much hot water to avoid scalding.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use : The shower can be used outdoors, or inside in your tub or shower when you've lost hot water in a storm.
  • Hands-Free Showering : The linear nozzle can be easily mounted on the limb of a tree or shrub for showering just like at home.
  • Quality Construction : Only high-quality components are used for long life, with an unbreakable plastic nozzle.
  • American Made : The Pump Miser Shower is made in the good old USA.

Only $29.95!