Photo Gallery

Here is a sample of photos we've received from people who have had memorable experiences using Tipi Stoves all over the world in a variety of situations. If you have enjoyed using it on vacation or needed it during an emergency and have a photo you like of your experience, send it to us and perhaps we'll post it here. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge.)
Lake Baikal, May 2015 Mongolia, June 2015
Lake Superior Bezengi
Lake Superior, March 2015 Caucasus Mountains, September 2014
Lake Superior Bezengi

Ukraine and Russia, September 2012
Galya Ukraine

Fly Fishing in Montana-August 2004
Boulder River Falls Frying Fresh Trout with the Tipi Stove Fall Color in Quaking Aspens on Slough Creek
Yellowstone River

Tipi Blaze™ Stove
Tipi Blaze™ Grill
Flavor Chef™ Oven
Tipi Lite™ Stove
Pump Miser™ Shower
Disaster List

First Annual S.C. Indian Affairs Council Pau Wau at the S.C. Capitol in Columbia on May 21, 2005
S.C. Capitol Tipi at the Capitol Using Tipi Stoves Almost Pau Wau Time Getting Costume Right-Beaver and Turkey Cape
Anxiously Waiting With Mom Bringing in the Colors Cherokees Provided Music Many Native Americans Are Christians Veterans Walk Around the Circle
Native Americans Are Patriotic Never Forget Chief with Bear Head Chief Buster Hatcher Colorful Dancers
Lone Dancer One Lone Dancer Two Taking Out the Colors-Pau Wau Ends

Camping at the Chattooga River, S.C. August 2005
Camping Near the Chattooga River Rafters Going Downstream The Two Old US 76 Bridges Bull Sluice Falls Cooking on the Chattooga
Staying in a Cabin Near the Chattooga River Bears Attacked Cabin Looking for Food Cooking Hamburger and Onions on the Tipi Blaze Stove Cooking Ribeyes on the Tipi Blaze Stove Rafters Taking Out at Tugaloo Lake
Bridge over the Chattooga at Burrells Ford Walhalla Trout Hatchery Fresh Bear Damage to a Power Pole

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The Village of Alale near the Ugandan Border(for a map click here)
Village of Alale A View from the Surrounding Mountains Another View from the Surrounding Mountains View of the Plain Another View of the Plain
Man Cooking on Tipi Blaze Stove Bikes for Native Disciples A Prayer of Dedication is Prayed Choir Sings in Church People Being Baptized
Vervet Monkey Large Tree The Border Between Uganda and Kenya Mission Station Finally Got Mattresses

Harvester's Waterfall Project to Provide Irrigation
Waterfall Rough Terrain Steep Slopes for Pipe Difficult Working Conditions Hot and Sweaty Work
Water Has Arrived

Grace Outreach Mission for Orphans in Migori-funded by local Kenyan Christians
Orphanage New Orphanage Orphans

Kensington/Makutano Church Being Built by Hand
Church Model Hand-Quarried Stone Primitive Scaffolding Church Service

Natives Natives Native Woman

Camping in Norway in September 2005
Cooking on the Tipi Blaze Stove in Norway Cooking on the Tipi Blaze Stove in Norway

Traveling in Israel in November-December 2005
Using the Tipi Lite Stove in Israel Caves at Engedi Field Where David Slew Goliath