Tipi Blaze™ Grill
Patent Nos. 7,107,983 and 8,469,018

The Tipi Blaze Grill sits on top of the Tipi Blaze™ Stove and is designed to retain heat around the cooking pot. It can be used to quickly boil water and more efficiently utilizes the heat directed upward by the stove. You can also grill meat by placing the grill on top of the Tipi Blaze Stove. You can grill with charcoal like normal, or better yet, use oak or hickory wood twigs or sticks that you collect in the woods to impart a unique natural flavor to your meat. By using wood instead of charcoal you eliminate your waiting time required to turn charcoal to cooking embers. The Flavor Chef™ Oven can also be used with the Tipi Blaze Grill and Stove to bake outdoors.

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Tipi Stove™ Grill Features:

  • Traps Heat : It keeps heat around your pot so that you can boil a lot of water quickly. Useful in emergency situations or in cold weather to increase stove efficiency.
  • Portable, Compact Design : Its unique design makes it easy to assemble/disassemble- stores flat and uses little storage space. Perfect for RVs where space is limited.
  • Grills with Oak or Hickory : Oak limbs on the ground can be used to grill and will impart a tasty smoked flavor. No waiting for coals to form as with charcoal.
  • Grills with Charcoal : If you can't find any wood or aren't around any trees, grill with charcoal as you normally would. You can use the Tipi Blaze™ Stove as a fire starter, too.
  • Emergencies and Camping : Used with the Tipi Blaze Stove and Flavor Chef™ Oven, it allows efficient baking outdoors with wood or other fuel and is perfect for survival situations and camping.
  • Solid Construction : Shell is made of stainless steel for long life and optimum performance.
  • High Quality Thermometer : A premium baking thermometer is provided made by a first rate American company, which should withstand a lifetime of normal use.
  • American Made : It's made in the good old USA.