Flavor Chef™ Oven
Patent Nos. 7,107,983 and 8,469,018

There used to be a saying (before microwave ovens): "There's no cooking like food cooked on Grandma's wood stove." The Flavor Chef Oven recreates that flavor in our modern era. It's designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy storage in your kitchen or pack. The patent-pending latching mechanism acts to lock in flavor and juices while promoting the browning process to create unique, unsurpassed flavors. It can be used in your kitchen at home by placing the foods to be baked inside, then putting the Flavor Chef Oven in your oven (see video below). Foods cooked in the Flavor Chef Oven will taste better than those cooked in your oven alone. You can also cook outside with the oven by sitting it on top of the Tipi Blaze™ Stove and inside the Tipi Blaze™ Grill. This system is extremely efficient and baking requires literally only a handful of twigs.

Flavor Chef Oven
Flavor Chef Oven

Flavor Chef™ Oven Features:

  • Juicy Cooking : It locks in flavor and moisture to make your baked items jucier.
  • Consistent Heating Enhances Flavor : Its unique construction promotes the browning process by providing more consistent heating, providing the same results as expensive convection ovens. This promotes the browning process and the formation of flavorful compounds that give unsurpassed flavor.
  • Compact : It's easily disassembled for compact storage in your kitchen or elsewhere.
  • Emergencies and Camping : Used with the Tipi Blaze Stove and Grill, it allows efficient baking outdoors with wood or other fuel and is perfect for survival situations and camping.
  • Solid Construction : It's made of stainless steel and copper for long life and optimum performance.
  • High Quality Thermometer : A premium baking thermometer is provided made by a first rate American company, which should withstand a lifetime of use.
  • American Made : It's made in the good old USA.
Video Demonstration
Flavor Chef Oven Baking (1:48)
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