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Could you be hit by a hurricane, ice storm or other natural disaster? Like to RV, camp or cook outdoors? Like gourmet cooking in your oven? Or are you interested in foreign aid to other countries? Then the portable Tipi Blaze™ Stove and Flavor Chef™ Oven are for you! They're quickly assembled for cooking with any available fuel, whether camping or in an emergency. Or bake your favorite foods in the Flavor Chef oven for indescribable flavor, all in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Camping in Tetons
Kenyan Using Tipi Blaze Stove
Imagine yourself in any of these situations. The Tipi Blaze System is indispensable under a variety of circumstances. (Click thumbnails for more info.)
Family Cookout at the Beach
Cooking without Power in Storm
Baking Gourmet Foods at Home with the Flavor Chef

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